A little is known of this luscious beauty that belongs from Brazil at least her origin is from that place. All w know is that she was born on August 17, 1985. This epitome of lustful appearance, Regina Rizzi is a very secretive girl which is evident from the fact that very little we know of her race or the civilization which she belongs to and we can only guess from the color of her skin that her ethnicity is either Latin or Indian.  This 5ft 6in goddess is quite a treat to the person who rams her as she known to give ethereal pleasures and heavy orgasms.

She weighs 123lbs (56 kg) and her measurements are 36-26-38 which is quite seductive in itself. She too has taken the benefits of the modern technology in the filed of plastic surgery. She undertook Silicon implants on her breasts and enlarged them to voluptuous D-cups. She is quite open minded and that works wonders for the directors as she can quite happily play her body with toys as well as a man’s dick. She is of course not afraid of anal pleasures and agreeably loves to get her butt fucked with large dicks. Owing to the fact that she has a luscious butt she likes to flaunt it and gets pleasure when a guy plunges his throbbing dick into her ass. Definitely she is quite a delightful fuck both on screen and off screen.

Name: Regina Rizzi
Twitter: Reginarizzi
Breast Size: 36DD
Height: 163 cm
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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